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The syntax of the mind, what does it look like?

Mind Your Poem aims to create computer generated poems, based on a person’s state of mind. The user is provided with brain sensor headsets, and the interactive poems are formed instantly to reflect their brain activity. The project mimics the creative process of a poet by mining the brain to illustrate emotional content. It manifests how technology can provide insight into our inner-selves, "the last human frontier".

Eran Hadas > Programmer, poet and new media artist. Algorithm based poetry generators. Website

Dr. Eyal Gruss > Scientist and poet .His works explore and exploit the relationship between poetry, technology and society

Gilat Parag > Animation director, creative director and new media curator, but mainly a story teller.

Scientific adviser > Galit Fuhrmann Alpert

Website created by Asaf Agranat. Website

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